ESAAC was formed as a LLP during January, 2012 by a group of highly qualified, like minded, very senior Professionals with the main objective to commit providing impetus to Skill Advancement. Some of the business objectives of ESAAC are enumerated.

Undertake independent assessment and certification of proficiency of students in vocational trades for skills advancement.

Impart training to students and workers on general and social skills to enhance employability.

Establish training delivery and assessment standards to enable trainers augment the bench mark.

Undertake programs to interface with academics and industry to enable improvement of skills required by industry or sector specific job skills.

Provide mentoring and career counselling to students.

ESAAC is an Assessment agency (RSA 11) empanelled by RSA of Textiles Committee under the ISDS Scheme, Textiles Sector to carry out the assessments in 7 States viz., Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Maharashtra & Gujarat, for all the standardized courses developed by RSA.

The promoters of ESAAC have the requisite domain expertise and vast experience to render all the support by prompt fulfillment by acceptance of assessment tasks assigned by IA's to ESAAC.

ESAAC has accorded primacy to the trainees among the stakeholders'. About 40% of the assessment done by ESAAC are for batches of trainees less than 10 and in some case even for 1 trainee.

  • Integrated Skill Development Scheme - Textiles Sector
  • Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS)
  • Standardisation of Assessment Process and Online Generation of Certificate
  • Employability Skills - in addition to work competence

  • A personal disposition with positive, contributing, and improvement orientation mind set.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others, orally and in writing.
  • An approach to finding solutions, problem solving ability, and taking responsibility.
  • Self discipline with being on time, keeping work place neat and organized.
  • A display of keenness to learn and grow.
  • Taking initiative and demonstrating enterprise.
  • An aptitude to get along with others and enhance team work.