Some of the unique practices incorporated in ESAAC

  • Single point monitoring system for approval of the batches by assigning the assessors on mutually convenient dates of IA, also keeping in mind three days of time limit stipulated from the date of uploading by IA of assessment batches in the MIS Portal.
  • ESAAC trains the Assessors, so as to carry out the Assessment uniformly.
  • A system of sending experienced assessors as facilitators along with the new assessors as and when required and also internship of an additional assessor to gain assessment experiences when assessment is being carried out.
  • Photo ID cards & Self Inking seals with assessor ID no has been issued to each of the Assessor.
  • Illustrative Photograph as a record and evidence are taken by the assessor when the actual assessment is carried out and maintained in office.
  • Quarterly Review Meeting of Assessor & Administrative team along with Directors to share the experiences and bring in Kaizen (Continuous Improvement).

ESAAC has evolved a systematic and precise procedure in carrying out these Assessments without any ambiguities or anomalies, due to the rich experience gained by the Assessors and Directors in this field and is a good role model of an Assessing Body.

ESAAC has also experienced trainers who can assist organization in programs like Attitudinal Development, Team building, Productivity Improvement , Leadership , Personal and Group effectiveness etc., We can also custom design, conduct on- site training/workshops and provide post-program support on a project mode to cater to your needs. Pay only for travel, lodging, boarding, incidental expenses, course material etc., of actual cost/expenses incurred and where applicable when intervention is made on Project/Custom Design mode, additionally 40% of tangible annual savings occurring as certified by the accounts department of the organization.

Background of ESAAC LLP

ESAAC was formed as LLP during the year 2012 by a group of highly qualified, very senior Professionals, with the main objective of contributing to Advancement and Assessment of employable skills. During the year 2013, ESAAC applied for the status of Assessing Body (AB) in response to the advertisement released by the Directorate of Employment & Training , Government of Karnataka, and it was empanelled as an Assessing Body as per the approval of DGE&T on 19th September 2013,to carry out the Assessment in 12 Sectors in Karnataka. Further approval was given for 3 more sectors on 9th June, 2014.