Employable Skill Advancemjent, Assessment And Certification (ESAAC LLP) is a consortium of highly experienced professionals founded in September 2013 headed by Sri K.S.Malagi, a Senior Textile Technologist and a qualified Trainer with 5 decades of experience. Even through advancement (training) is its main strength, it has been carrying out Skill Assessment activies as approved by the DGE&T, New Delhi since 5 years in various sectors. It is also an approved Assessing Agency by the Textilies Committe (RSA) which is a quality arm of the Ministry of Textiles since 2015 and has carried out assessment of over 25,000 candidates particularly in Garment Sector.

ESAAC-LLP is also specialized in Certification activity since it consists of more than 50 highly experienced Textile Technocrats. But still it has not lost the sight of training activities which it considers more of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in training the personnel engaged in Textile Industry and Garment Industry in particular. A few of the members of ESAAC-LLP have formed a highly specialized team called Multigroup headed by Sri Badrinarayana with Sri V.Narasimha Murthy, Sri S.V.Jayaram,and Sri D.M.Tiwari as Team Members.


Training Methodology

ESAAC-LLP carries out training activities which are need based depending on the client's requrements. It follows The syllabus as approved by the Textile Committee/Sectors Skill Council in imparting to the personnel by keeping in mind their educational qualification, age profile, Language profile, etc. ESAAC-LLP has developed the "techno-Behavioural Training Modules" for imparing training in gearing up the trainees in the shortest possible time, which is generally the need of the client organizations.


Major Take-aways:

  • ESAAC-LLP strongly believes in matching the people to the jobs by administering simple aptitude texts viz., Motor Coordination Test,Finger Dexterity Test, Colour Blindness Test, etc.

  • Thus, It becomes easy for the trainees to pick-up the skills faster depending on their score in the aptitude tests.

  • It has specialized in training the people in multi-skilling.

  • It also impart training in soft-skills such as Interpersonal Skills, ABCD of work life, Motivation,Communication, Team Work/Group Dynamics in addition to imparting of skills on a fast
  •        track.


    ESAAC-LLP has provided

    (1) Third party Assessment services for Government Skill Develpment Schemes.

    (2) Coaching for individual (telephonic, in person).

    (3)Conduct Attitudinal transformational training.

    (4)Improving personal effictiveness with NLP and Coaching methods.


    Please contact     Sri K S Malagi - 99003 62265;     Sri S D Janakiram-98800 16725;     Sri Varagha Swamy - 98800 25371